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Help the Mission of Papua New Guinea with the construction of a new Church and Classrooms for Holy Trinity Catholic School

Donation Goal For This Project is 30,000 euros
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Dear Friends,

Here at the Vanimo mission in Papua New Guinea the education of more than 400 children and youth that attend our parochial school has become one of our top priorities. We always find it a challenge to awaken these young souls to the reality that God has planted in each of us the seeds of truth and that He calls us to make them bear fruit.

In this regard, for some time now we have been trying to build classrooms for their education. At the present moment the number of our students far exceeds the space available. Therefore, our goal is to build more classrooms as well as a new church where the students can worthily participate in the celebration of the Eucharist with us.

We are aware that our goal is ambitious, so that’s why we would like your help in acquiring one of the most effective means in reaching it: a portable sawmill. Purchasing a portable sawmill would allow us to acquire the wood needed for our projects at a low cost. Thanks be to God, here in Papua trees that can be converted to lumber are in abundance. Additionally, there are people here generous enough to donate the trees to us; for this we are in need of the sawmill:

In the end, the purchase of a portable sawmill would also allow us to save money, since the production of our own lumber would keep us from having to buy the material from local markets which is very expensive. The sawmill would also give us the opportunity to help our parishioners build safe and adequate homes for themselves. Given the poverty in our area many homes are in very poor conditions.

For this reason we are seeking your generosity. We need your help in making this project more than a dream but a reality.

Thank you and may God bless you,


Fr. Martin Prado, IVE
Missionary in Papua New Guinea